I've been known as slateman in radio and on the internet since my first site launched back in October of 1995. Here you'll find various odds and ends, my hobbies, interests and whatever else I feel like posting.

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Decades and Decades

MMXIV: 2014. I turn 38 this year, my two littles 3 & 6, the eldest two 13 & 14. I'll have been married and in Maine for 8 years. Utterly amazing. In some ways things just aren't as good as they used to be. In others, perspective teaches me they are better than ever. Let us not forget all the amazing things we have. I still play games, I still play guitar, I still love the Yankees. Things aren't so bad at all. Here's to 2014 being much better than 2013.

Recent Additions

05.28.14//20:49:23: New FAQ! DoDonPachi: Sai-Dai-Ou-Jou!!!
01.25.14//08:22:27: How To Play As Tien Gouki (SSFIIX - Japanese Dreamcast)
01.05.14//20:46:33: Best Albums Of 2013
01.05.14//10:47:04: MuchiMuchi Pork Rips
07.19.13//18:16:16: Ratchet & Clank Logo Collection Update - R&C Into The Nexus!
06.16.13//07:23:13: Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha: Z Transitions
02.08.13//19:48:37: Best Albums Of 2012
01.12.13//22:11:58: Ratchet & Clank Logo Collection - Just Because
12.24.12//14:24:53: Vampire Savior - Complete FAQ - Read more here
11.04.12//16:05:13: 4 missing shotokan GIFs - MVC Ryu's Ken/Gouki swaps
09.01.12//11:01:55: Another New FAQ! Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD
07.14.12//00:06:01: DoDonPachi: Daifukkatsu FAQ! (1st FAQ in 2 years+!)
06.28.12//23:44:00: Iron Maiden review! (1st concert in ~5 years!)
03.04.12//04:27:20: slateblog essentially replacing this main page. What's next? I'm not entirely sure.
03.04.12//04:10:29: Ys Ultimate Utopia: Launched & Essentially Dead. More Here...
02.19.12//07:21:08: Skyrim: Lydia...Nooo!!!!!
02.15.12//16:30:58: Pyraminx, Skewb, 3x3x2 Get!!!
02.04.12//16:07:29: Cube Records Updated, site maintenance.
01.29.12//20:01:55: Best Albums Of 2011
01.28.12//17:41:37: Best Shit Of 2011

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  2x2: 00:09.66 // 03.05.13
  3x3: 00:31.50 // 03.19.13
  4x4: 02:40.67 // 03.16.13
  5x5: 05:02.54 // 10.11.12
  6x6: 15:26.62 // 11.17.11
  7x7: 24:49.59 // 02.23.13

DDP:DOJ Last Log Update - 11.20.05
DDP:DFK on X360 - Awesome! (FAQ here)
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