Release List: 2016’s Final Quarter

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I had this as part of my first post in Sweden, but it keeps growing and I thought a separate post would do. This is a quick list of what’s coming out throughout the remainder of 2016 (and a little beyond). What was initially a rather lackluster year has turned out to be quite exciting, for music at least. Insomnium and Alcest just released stellar records and some promising ones are on the horizon. Gaming, however, seems a bit stagnant. Anyways, here’s the list:

Oct 11 – Rise Of The Tomb Raider
Oct 13 – Rez Infinite
Oct 14 – DoDonPachi: Daifukkatsu
Oct 23 – The Walking Dead (Season 7)
Oct 28 – Testament: Brotherhood Of The Snake
Oct 31 – Council Estate Electronics: Arktika
Nov 03 – J.R.R. Tolkien: The Lay of Aotrou and Itroun
Nov 04 – Dark Tranquillity: Atoma
Nov 11 – In Flames: Battles
Nov 18 – Metallica: Hardwired…To Self-Destruct
Nov 18 – Lamb Of God: The Duke
Nov 23 – Alcest @ Pustervikbaren
Nov 25 – Einherjer: Dragons Of The North XX
Nov 25 – Witchery: In His Infernal Majesty’s Service
Nov 29 – Anne Rice: Prince Lestat & The Realms Of Atlantis
Nov 29 – Final Fantasy XV
Nov 30 – Vikings (Season 4 – pt 2)
Dec 16 – Amon Amarth @ Lisebergshallen
Jan 15 – Homeland (Season 6)
Jan 24 – Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
Feb ?? – Overkill: The Grinding Wheel
Mar ?? – Nintendo Switch
Autumn – Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 – YES!

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tmp_7224-actual_1476708723-552440093It was my Game of the Year in 2010. It was exactly what I didn’t know I wanted in life (kinda like Einherjer’s Album of the Year in 2014!) While the open-world sandbox of the late 19th-century west was interesting and compelling, it was Rockstar’s writing and the impeccable voice acting that made it such a remarkable landmark in gaming’s last generation. I’ve already lobbied for a remaster but here we are… A year before a long-gestating and sure-to-be massive launch. Red Dead Redemption 2!

I expect this to be almost GTAV in its scope. It’ll contain both a deep and entertaining single-player campaign with a robust and never-ending online component. And while my interest in the latter is essentially null, if RDR is anything to go by, I look forward to getting lost, getting sidetracked, losing hours gazing over the horizon of the barren western countryside. It’s beautiful in its simplicity and joyous in its diversity. I’m crossing my fingers it lives up to the standard of the second game of the series. A year to wait sure does suck, but with the developer’s reputation, we have a lot to look forward to.

Platinums #18 & 19 – Same Day!

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double-platinumThe magic should be waning. 19 platinum trophies is a lot but I can still recite the situations in which I secured each. Being that I forgot to pack any games for my Euro move, I’m stuck with the one disc I have for the PS4 (Far Cry Primal). While the Vita is mostly digital, I have one physical game (Zero Time Dilemma). I chugged through each and found myself in a curious situation! One trophy remained on each! So, naturally I tried to platinum two games in one day! ZTD was by no means a difficult game, but like platinuming (is that a verb?) its predecessor, the final hours were fun as the twisted story unfolded. Platinum it was!

Next up was FCP, also not a difficult title in itself. There were few Get 100% of Everything trophies. So, after hunting down some final missions, the platinum popped for that one too!

Edit: Edited
The pic to the left would normally be edited. However, sans a computer am I, and doing everything via café WiFi, such as I am doing this instant, is cumbersome and quite restricting! Best not complain, as I truly do not go without. Nor does anyone with the capability to double platinum on a cool Monday in Europe!

Moved To Sweden! Slow Updates

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tmp_4563-flag_of_sweden-svg1391003633Well, I’m here! The family and I have upped and moved to Gothenburg and will be here for several years. My PC won’t arrive for another month at least and so updates to any and all of my sites will be slow. In the meantime, I’m trying to platinum Far Cry Primal and Zero Time Dilemma. I’ve brought some of my favorite cubes to hold me over until my collection arrives (pic below!) I’m doing my best to keep up on new music (Opeth, Alcest, Insomnium, Ghost, In The Woods…) So while things may be slow, I’m not done with editing or updating. I’m itching to try out Urien in SFV and update my FAQs. Until then… Enjoy your autumn!

Puzzle Collection - Summer 2016

Puzzle Collection – Summer 2016

Edit: Oh, and for my purposes, here are some dates to look forward to:

Oct 11 – Rise Of The Tomb Raider
Oct 13 – Rez Infinite
Oct 14 – DoDonPachi: Daifukkatsu
Oct 23 – The Walking Dead (Season 7)
Oct 28 – Testament: Brotherhood Of The Snake
Nov 03 – J.R.R. Tolkien: The Lay of Aotrou and Itroun
Nov 04 – Dark Tranquillity: Atoma
Nov 11 – In Flames: Battles
Nov 18 – Metallica: Hardwired…To Self-Destruct
Nov 23 – Alcest @ Pustervikbaren
Nov 25 – Einherjer: Dragons Of The North XX
Nov 29 – Anne Rice: Lestat & The Realms Of Atlantis
Nov 29 – Final Fantasy XV
Nov 30 – Vikings (Season 4 – pt 2)
Dec 16 – Amon Amarth @ Lisebergshallen
Jan 15 – Homeland (Season 6)

Cyberbots: Z-Gouki

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I saw that this weekend’s Flash Sale on the PSN had Cyberbots for the PS1. I never loved this game, but about a year ago (Aug 29th, to be exact) I had the urge to see Z-Gouki in action. Now he was never available in the arcade version and I was tempted to buy the PSN game. However ePSXe works wonders and I was able to capture him there! It required a lot of cleaning up, to be honest, but while I’m capturing images for a future SFGalleries update, I figured I’d share the only known sprites of Z-Gouki that I know of. It’s his standing pose. Doing a full animation was way too much work for my tastes so here is a pair of GIFs for you all. Kinda cool IMO.

DoDonPachi: Daifukkatsu Steam! All Modes!

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ddp-dfk-logoSo DDP:DFK is coming to Steam. OK, that’s kinda exiting. The real news is that the base game will feature all modes! Now, as a westerner, I was relegated to getting the European version of Resurrection. Sure, it was nice being localized and the bonus disc was cool, but with no access to Black Label, I missed out on a completely different DDP experience! And I missed out on Ketsuipachi which, for completion purposes alone, was a travesty!

Whenever Degica ends up releasing this, I’ll be sure to grab it. Don’t care that it’s considered to be one of the weaker DDP games nor that it’s 8 years old already. I’m psyched for this one! My new video card will be happy too! Can’t friggin’ wait!!! Oh, here is the full game-mode list!!!

  • Normal 1.5
  • Normal 1.51
  • Novice 1.5
  • Arrange A (Version L)
  • Arrange B (Version B)
  • Black Label
  • Black Label Novice
  • Black Label Arrange (Ketsuipachi!)

Gaming In 2016: Snore…

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ZTDPackagingKeyArt_thumbI love gaming, there’s no question about that. But as August winds down and we enter the final third of 2016, it appears it’s been a rather lackluster year! A quick look back at what has come out and what I’ve played reveals a slow trickle of games truly worth playing.
Checking my PSN Profiles Page I see a short list of new games I’ve played since January. It’s not comprehensive, there have been a number I’ve played but didn’t care for (like many recent PS+ games. Ugh). Also note that I haven’t an XBox One, my 360 is about to die and both the Wii U and 3DS are utterly useless outside of Mario and Zelda games. Let’s see where we stand…

Games Of 2016

  • Ratchet & Clank
  • Resident Evil 0
  • Resident Evil 5
  • Shadow Complex Remastered
  • Street Fighter V
  • Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
  • Zero Time Dilemma

Umm…Seriously? NOT ONE original title? Maybe I’m just a cautious buyer now, but c’mon, that’s pathetic. So, we have three ‘remasters’, one re-envisioning, and three sequels. Now, the sequels are good. ZTD is a solid finale into the fun series, SFV as a package is flawed but the gameplay is spectacular and the production value of UC4 is second to none. It just makes a ‘Game Of The Year’ competition unfun. There are other sequels coming…Gears 4, Rise Of The Tomb Raider, and Final Fantasy XV. There are also more re-re-releases like Rez Infinite and Resident Evil 4 as well as Modern Warfare and Skyrim. However, if that were my top seven of 2016, it’s sad to know I’d already beaten two of them, three if you count R&C.

I have friends curious about Mafia 3 or Battlefield 1 or whatever, but going by what interests me, there’s almost nothing on the horizon. And in my Game Of The Year competition, I list the best game and the best new IP title…I have NOTHING for the latter?

OK, enough of the bitchfest twenty sixteen. Let’s see what I’ve actually beaten this year. See if there’s a theme here. This list omits the aforementioned titles (of which I haven’t yet beaten RE0 and ZTD):

  • God Of War (*)
  • God Of War II (*)
  • God Of War III Remastered (*)
  • Gone Home
  • Lego The Hobbit
  • Lego Marvel Super Heroes
  • Metal Gear Solid 3: HD Edition (*)
  • Metal Gear Solid 4 (*)
  • Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker: HD Edition
  • Ratchet & Clank: Into The Nexus
  • Tales From The Borderlands
  • Tembo The Badass Elephant
  • Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (*)
  • Ys: Memories Of Celceta

Asterisks denote games I’d already beaten already (barring HD upgrades, etc.) Of the 14 titles, I’d already completed 6? Two of those were my GotY for 2008 and 2013!!! The two Lego titles I got platinums in. They’re fun to play with the kids. But they’re the same as every other Lego game. There’s nary an interesting and unique game in the lot that has done something I hadn’t already done or seen before. Well, Gone Home but that almost doesn’t even count.

So…I’m disappointed by 2016 but hey, it’s how things go. I haven’t tried No Man’s Sky yet. Maybe that’ll be great. For giggles, here’s a full list of what’s left in the year as well as a few titles that trickle into 2017.

30 – Resident Evil 4

13 – Pac-Man Championship Edition 2

11 – Rise Of The Tomb Raider
13 – Rez Infinite
28 – Skyrim

04 – CoD: Infinite Warfare
04 – CoD: Modern Warfare Remaster
29 – Final Fantasy XV

24 – Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

28 – Horizon: Zero Dawn
28 – Vikings: Wolves Of Midgard

Who Knows
?? – Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

New Bone Fire MP3: BiasFX New 08

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There’s no bass on this one. I’ll probably be selling my bass tomorrow. :( It’s good though. With madness looming, I figured I’d finish this one up. I’ve been working on it for a few days and I don’t want another unfinished song (you missed New 01 – 07, aren’t you upset?). Anyways, there are a few sloppy portions that I just didn’t bother to go back and fix. Hope you enjoy!

Bone Fire: BiasFX New 08

2016 In Music: What’s Left?

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Jumalten AikaI don’t care how predictable this might seem but Moonsorrow’s latest opus is album of the year and nothing in the remaining five months has a chance of dethroning it. There. Done. Well, that’s all good, but surely there’s something good left in the world, isn’t there? There always is, some more promising than others. Why not pause to recap what’s the best so far and then see what’s coming up.

2016’s Best So Far

  • Moonsorrow: Jumalten Aika
  • Amon Amarth: Jomsviking
  • JK Flesh: Rise Above
  • Abbath: Abbath
  • Final: Live Reprocessed | Birmingham 2009
  • October Tide: Winged Waltz

Not sure how good the remaining stuff will be. Will that be my top 6 of the year? WEAK!

2016’s OK…

  • Katatonia: The Fall Of Hearts
  • Borknagar: Winter Thrice
  • Megadeth: Dystopia

There are some bad fucking albums I just couldn’t even muster the energy to list (Anthrax). Some I couldn’t even muster the strength to listen to yet. (Ihsahn)

2016’s To Come!

  • Skeletonwitch: The Apothic Gloom
  • Insomnium: Winter’s Gate
  • Council Estate Electronics: Arktika
  • Alcest: Kodama
  • Opeth: Sorceress
  • Soilwork: Death Resonance
  • Testament: Brotherhood Of The Snake

It’s weird. Skeletonwitch is a four-song EP. I’ve heard two songs already. One is fantastic. One not so much. Hard to get jived for two songs. Insomnium’s last wasn’t great. Same goes for CEE and Alcest as well (they were the friggin’ best). Opeth? Don’t know why I even hope any more. Their first three records are masterpieces. Finally, Soilwork is just a collection. Two new songs, a few Japanese extras and a bunch of stuff I already have. Man…Moonsorrow will have to carry 2016 on its broad shoulders. See what the mighty Testament can conjure up!

SFV Snapshots

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Ibuki’s arrival spawned a renewed interest in SFV and the story mode was really quite enjoyable. I took some snaps, figured I’d share with you all. It starts with my silver trophy for 100 wins. Kinda proud of that one. Of course, I have more than 200 losses to go with that!!! The rest are just misc. shots I liked. Enjoy!!!

100th Win!  (More than 200 losses...)

100th Win!

Classic Matchup!

Classic Matchup!

Story Mode's Ending

Story Mode’s Ending

Love SFV's style

Love SFV’s style



A handshake

A handshake

Cammy deliberating

Cammy deliberating

Goofy Duo

Goofy Duo