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New Super Mario U: Done!!!

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I went through the superstar road and got all the coins for a fourth star. That swimming level sucked. I used a P-Wing to get the last coin on the running stage for the last coin! This revealed the 9th superstar road stage. I was prepared for a nightmare.

Fortunately, it wasn’t difficult; it was just interesting…and cool. So, after beating that, I was pretty psyched but got nothing. This morning I went back and caught every Nabbit but still didn’t get the fifth star…Then I noticed I was missing one hidden exit (#94).


After zipping through and getting that, I was greeted with the above message – and have now completed the whole game!!! Sadly, I’ve had enough Super Mario Bros. U for a little while. That’s sad mostly because I have little reason to return to the Wii U. I’m looking forward to the new firmware upgrade coming shortly, however. Once again, I’m also excited for the DLC to return to Mario. 100%! Nice!!!


New Super Mario U: Almost Done!

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I’ve been going back to New Super Mario Bros. U here and there to collect the last remaining gold coins. I’ve always been a completionist when it comes to games like this and this one is good enough to warrant this dedication. I remember the first New Super Mario Bros. which may very well be the fourth-best Mario game ever. The Wii U version is good, hell, it’s great, but it’s not necessarily as legendary as the DS game. In any event, it’s great that I can play the game on my controller while the kids watch Shrek for the 199th time (this week). So, today I managed to get the last hidden stages and the last gold coins.


What does this leave? Well, I need to beat two more superstar road levels, collect the last one on the Run For Your Life level (which may require a P-Acorn) and then the ultimate, final superstar road level. These last stages will prove to be pretty difficult but I have faith I’ll beat them. Once again, I’ll have to admit, trophies/achievements would be awfully nice for this type of game. As lame as some people may think they are, they really motivate these types of endeavors. You know, the ones where you waste hours away trying to collect last coins by performing super-specific, rigid jumps and maneuvers. Yeah those. I look forward to getting these last 10 coins. Then, I think you beat the game and get something else…but by then, why will I care? Oh, maybe for the New Super Luigi U DLC this summer!!!

Guacamelee! Platinum!!!

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I grabbed Guacamelee! last week and thoroughly enjoyed playing through it on both my PS3 and PSVita. The game is classic in so many senses. The tight controls, fun combat and spectacular visuals all made this a joy to work through. The fact that it was a Metroidvania game only helped.

Being on vacation, I was able to grab the game and play whenever I had a free moment and the Vita’s suspend option made it perfect. After beating it and 100%ing it, I went on to hard mode. Some of the arenas and bosses were tough (and cheap) but it all felt like small victories. It reminded me of getting my first platinum on Uncharted. While some areas were really tough, all you had to do was beat that one section. Games save after everything nowadays. Though I don’t want to remember that blue water room in UC. Nightmare.


Anyways, Guacamelee! was a game I had on the horizon for a bit, and after getting another $10 free from PSN (that’s the third time they’ve given me free cash!!!) and a $3 PS+ discount (the best deal in gaming evah!) it was a no-brainer. Cross play only helped. I was uploading my save, playing on the PS3, uploading then playing back on the Vita. Brilliant. Well worth the cash and my seventh platinum!!!!

Speaking of: My other platinums: Uncharted 1-3, Borderlands, The Walking Dead and Resident Evil 5. All were worthy of my time.

And reflection time: We’re at the end of this cycle aren’t we? PS4/720 coming out in a few months. Looking back with a friend recently, this generation has had some *Great* games. I started writing an article on the best games of this generation. Never quite finished though. :)





DDP:DFK New High Score (Arrange A – 36b)

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My PS3 reinstall has been the focus of much of my time lately, but today I wanted to get a few rounds of the good ol’ DFK. Instead of focusing on 1.5, I went forward with arrange mode A (DOJ mode). As DOJ is my favorite ever, it’s a great remix. Today’s score was all due to a great first level. This mode is so fantastic, it’s a new game in its own right. Now that I know the mechanics (oh right, someone wrote a great FAQ on the game!) I can work on score. I had another run afterwards which was bound for greatness…however some distractions (my son jumping all over me didn’t help) made me crash and burn early. I hope to get much more time with the game. We’ll see if I get lucky!

I LOVE DFK! Novice HS (2-5!), FAQ

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Yes, the ONLY benefit of the PS3 dying was my newfound passion for DDP! Only Street Fighter rivals my love for DDP (like what I did there? And, for the record, SF wins). In any event, I played Novice Mode on DFK tonight and got to 2-5! Of course, I’ve never come close to anything like this before…like…not even in the same district. Novice mode, I get it…but I don’t care. It was friggin’ fun! So, here’s my new high score. That’s almost 20 billion and it was so awesome.

OK, over the past few days, my ‘passion’ has been a bit of an obsession. That’s good! All of my gaming FAQs have been born of this passion, as have all of my sites. Of course, I haven’t the time to dedicate to them like I used to, but this is DDP after all. Next up will be SDOJ in another 3-4 years. In any event, as I pack up to go to camp for a few, I figured I’d post the incomplete DDP:DFK FAQ I’ve been writing. It’s a hefty document, really, and while there’s a lot still left to do, in reviewing it, I’ve done a hell of a lot! Remember, it’s not done and there are a lot of holes. But I want it online in some capacity before going away and abandoning my beloved DDP! It’s been a good few days! It may not be healthy, but I love it when this happens. It’s been two years since my last FAQ and I did four in the course of three months then. OK…more soon!!!

DDP:DFK – First CC Ever!

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I have been playing shooters for many years but I am just not that great. However, this morning, I managed to 1cc my first shmup, DoDonPachi: Daifukkatsu!!!  OK, it was on novice mode, but don’t ruin my excitement! I was actually just testing out bee locations/values for an upcoming FAQ and it kinda just…happened. So, yeah, it’s not a real 1cc but I don’t particularly care. I was pretty psyched.

Will be heading out of town soon for a few weeks. I’ll be working on the guide when I can, so I hope to have it by the beginning of the month.  I guess this is the only really good part of my PS3 dying. :)

DDP:DFK New High Score (1.98 Billion)

Posted in Blog, DoDon Pachi, Games, High Scores/Accomplishments on June 4, 2012 by slateman

It’s all about level 4. IIRC, I managed 600 million through levels 1-3. I totaled just under 1.2 billion on stage 4 alone. I was frustrated the whole game, but level 4 was just remarkable. The goal was 2 billion, but it just didn’t happen. Comboing level 5 is just not gonna happen. Next will be to better my early level scores so a huge level 4 chain will put me over the top. Fun game…no DOJ, but fun!

DDP:DFK New High Score (1.84 Billion)

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I haven’t been playing DDP:DFK lately but there’s no real reason why. It’s a game I can play in front of the kids and it’s generally playable in small doses. Anyway, I opted to turn on the 360 the other day for the first time in a while. Today, I just crushed my old score of 1.7 billion. Chaining is fun, not nearly as challenging as DDP:DOJ and the game looks great. I should be able to get to 2 billion soon. Oh, actually, I had a killer run going when I got disconnected from XBox Live. I lost all my progress. So annoying!!! Anyways, a good run and a new score! Love it!

DDP:DFK New High Score (1.27 Billion)

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Like It's 2004 All Over Again!

Using Type-B/Bomb (n00b, I realize), I just racked up 1.27 billion. I made it to the boss of level 4 and see where there are many possibilities for higher scores. My goal is to figure out alternate paths (I know how to do level 1, just never manage to make it fast enough) and to work on really understanding why I lose my chains so often. Some moments I have several seconds of no activity without losing it, others, it happens really quickly. Is it just like the GP meter in DOJ?

TOTALLY digging this game BTW. It looks like the different styles (power/strong) will give me plenty to work on and opportunities to destroy my record. That’s the goal, of course.