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Tuesday Rumblings

Posted in Blog, Cubing, Games, Music, Yankees on April 10, 2012 by slateman

I hate Tuesdays. They are the worst day of the week. The novelty feel of Monday has worn off. It’s not yet Wednesday. Hello Tuesday; I hate you.

OK, Today’s rumblings. First off, the Yankees won last night. It was nice seeing them string hits together and having that feel of certain victory. I don’t care that it came against the (3-0!) Baltimore Orioles. It’s a W. We started off 1998 0-3 as well.

Windmill Cube Solved! OK, that’s not news, but doing so without a guide is! I was using my
notes and algorithms but with so little to remember, I was kinda proud of getting it done myself. It’s a fun cube!

JKB’s Posthuman comes out soon and I hope to have a promo shortly. Definitely looking forward to this one. More over at Crumbling Flesh when it does arrive.

NYY: 0-3…WTF?

Posted in Blog, Yankees on April 8, 2012 by slateman


I am never in a rush for the baseball season to arrive. While many others pay attention to spring training and the rosters to be, I don’t. I realize that when the season does come, it is a long spring/summer/early autumn until it’s over. That’s not bad, but it’s long. And when your team starts out 0-3…urgh.

So, opening day. Yeah, that one sucked. Mo blew it almost immediately and it just got ugly. 5 infielders? Then, after being down 8-2, Swish’s HR in the 9th was a beautiful thing. Yesterday, Kuroda was not looking good and Arod grounding out as the tying run was no better. I’ve learned not to expect much from him. However great he was/is, both last season (up TWICE with the bases loaded?) and this…I don’t expect him to come through in the clutch. Isn’t this his 10th season with us? He’s never been a true Yankee. We all know that. As for today, ugly. We couldn’t hit, we got swept. However, only 159 games left to go! ‘Tis a long season. At least Boston got swept too.