SSX Demo! Just Like Old Times! (This Gets Deep…)

The First SSX


So, way back in 2000, I got a PS2 and one of the first titles I nabbed was SSX. It was a good time for the ‘extreme sports’ genre as they called it then. The game remains one of the most solid and original titles to come from the era. I don’t care if there were other snowboarding games…SSX made it sexy, fun and man those huge jumps rocked. There were two areas where I could get ??? listed. Sadly, my landlord’s kid borrowed the game (and GT4?) and I never got it back.

Fast forward to 2012. OK, I’m 36 now, but to think it’s been 12 years is almost sickening. There’s something massively disturbing about that fact. How far I had come from where I had grown up, yet how long ago that was. Cliché time…I felt like I knew so much then. I digress.

OK, whatever, it was a long goddamn time ago. I’d played SSX Tricky and put a lot of hours into SSX3 on the original Xbox. However, even That was a while ago. (edit: 9 yrs) I never liked On Tour as much. So…when a new relaunched brand was announced, I was interested. I grabbed the demo. I started writing this stupid blog.


New SSX!

Wow…This is pretty cool. The tutorial song is…wow, I don’t know. Reminds me of some different time. I start playing the actual game. It’s…it’s…exactly the same, really. What IS THIS?

I actually felt a tinge of nostalgia for times past while playing SSX. It was strange. It was 2000 all over again. Living in the bodega in Bay Shore. The debauchery (heh). Those white couches and that glass table. Coming home from lunch w/ Mat and…what was his name? He was shaped like a pear. He was a nice guy. It was strange. It was exactly what I wanted from an SSX game and that game was 12 years ago. Sure, it’s HD, everything looks and sounds better than that old piece of shit TV I had…but it was like old times and I loved every second of it. I even loved that tutorial song, for some reason.

OK, I return to being a husband, a father, a teacher. However, there’s something so beautiful about that time. It wasn’t all perfect, I’m not that delusional. It was just pretty beautiful (and the Yankees had just won their third World Series in a row…that may have something to do with it.)


I have absolutely no clue why I enjoy this song so much…

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