Jeter: #10

Back in May, I commented on how Jeter had gotten to #18 on the all-time hits list. It’s not mid-September, and he’s been moving on up, now holding #10 to his lonesome. This has been an exciting summer, watching him climb that list, seeing him have such a spectacular year. Let’s look at the list as of today!

  1. Rose: 4,256
  2. Cobb: 4,189
  3. Aaron: 3,771
  4. Musial: 3,630
  5. Speaker: 3,514
  6. Anson: 3,435
  7. Wagner: 3,420
  8. Yastrzemski: 3,419
  9. Molitor: 3,319
  10. Collins: 3,315
  11. Jeter: 3,285
  12. Mays
  13. Murray
  14. Lajoie
  15. Ripken
  16. Brett
  17. Waner
  18. Yount

As you see, he’s moved past some legendary hitters. With 18 games remaining, it’s unlikely he’ll move up on the list any more this year. However, even a decent year in 2013 would move him up to #6. (An excellent season could yield #5.) I’m thrilled to have watched so many games this summer. And while I don’t have a great deal of confidence about this postseason, I love Jeter and it has been sensationally fun seeing him do all he can do for the past two decades. Hopefully I can update this page next summer and he can pass the Yaz.

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