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Fall Tour 2003

Anniversary Tour - Fall 2003

The band's 20th anniversary....

Jeff Holdsworth came out on stage to play a few songs.

More to come!

Set I:

09:49 | Chalk Dust Torture
13:34 | Stash
10:40 | Guyute
07:17 | Thunderhead
04:06 | Sparkle
15:22 | Wolfman's Brother
06:41 | Good Times, Bad Times

Set II:

17:31 | Tweezer
08:14 | 2001
24:27 | You Enjoy Myself
06:38 | Camel Walk
09:20 | Possum
04:42 | Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress
13:25 | Run Like an Antelope


06:26 | Fire

Summer Tour 2003

Summer 2003: It Festival
2nd & 3rd August, 2003 - Loring Air Force Base Limestone, ME

The only date I could afford on the summer tour, this would be my 4th festival after Lemonwheel, Oswego and Big Cypress NYE.

I left the house at 10am having packed up everything myself for the Phish show and the week-long stay in my cabin in Maine. Ran some quick errands and Stacy got out of work at 11. We drove east and met up with Vinnie and the car was completely packed. Out to Orient Point we drove to catch the ferry over to Connecticut and then the real journey began.

How about some numbers?

10:00am - Leave
11:00am - Pick up Stacy
11:30am - Pick up Vinnie
01:20pm - Arrive for 2pm Ferry
03:50pm - Ferry lands
07:15pm - Arrive in Maine
09:45pm - Hit major traffic in Maine

02:45am - Hit shortcut, Route 11
04:30am - Landed in midst of traffic on Rt 1. Some people already waiting 12+ hours. Mile 623
06:00am - Mile 624
07:00am - Mile 626
07:22am - Mile 627
08:05am - Mile 628
08:35am - Mile 629
09:00am - Mile 630
09:45am - Mile 631
10:30am - Arrive in Parking Lot! Driving 24+ hours by this point
11:45am - Parked, Done!

634 miles - 25:45 Hours

Took 7 hours from Rt 1 merge, some must've reached a 24 hour wait on that one road alone. 08/02/03: Day I

Set I:

09:05 | AC/DC Bag
17:15 | Ya Mar
07:56 | Runaway Jim
18:59 | Reba
16:25 | Birds of a Feather
09:00 | Meatstick
06:49 | Two Versions of Me
07:50 | Vultures
11:16 | Limb By Limb
05:17 | Cavern

Set II:

22:54 | Down with Disease
05:55 | NICU
06:33 | Brother
03:38 | Lawn Boy
10:45 | Discern
20:54 | Waves
12:56 | David Bowie

Set III:

18:05 | Rock and Roll
12:54 | Seven Below
14:00 | Scents and Subtle Sounds
08:49 | Spread It 'Round
09:59 | Bug


6:29 | Dog Log
8:46 | The Mango Song

2am Set:

59:23 | Tower Jam

08/03/03: Day II

Set I:

03:46 | Daniel Saw the Stone
06:28 | Saw It Again
08:44 | Punch You in the Eye
04:55 | Army of One
25:48 | Chalk Dust Torture
04:50 | Wilson
08:15 | Mike's Song
03:06 | I Am Hydrogen
13:57 | Weekapaug Groove

Set II:

03:39 | Mellow Mood
31:47 | Ghost
07:30 | Mountains In The Mist
11:56 | Pebbles and Marbles
22:37 | You Enjoy Myself
03:33 | Chariots of Fire
06:57 | Loving Cup

Set III:

39:04 | 46 Days
08:57 | Julius
11:15 | The Lizards
03:19 | Secret Smile
15:15 | Run Like an Antelope


09:29 | Good Times, Bad Times

Winter Tour 2003

After the long hiatus had ended, tickets for Phish's NYE 2002-2003 run sold out very quickly and I was not fortunate enough to get tickets. Once the winter tour was announced, I knew the same trouble might plague us and so we planned on getting tickets to several shows.

Tickets went on sale in order: NJ (9am), MA (10am) and NY (11am). Since I was away on vacation, Stacy phoned in and tried for all 3. As expected, the NY show sold out and so we were glad to have gotten tickets to 2 shows. 1 show is simply not enough to get a taste of a tour, and so things worked out well.

Monday, February 24, 2003
Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, NJ

Set I:
15:01 | Down with Disease
06:05 | Corinna
10:05 | Wolfman's Brother
11:26 | Limb By Limb
23:29 | Every Day (I Have The Blues) (*)     
18:17 | The Thrill Is Gone (*)
12:36 | Rock Me Baby (*)

Set II:
14:20 | Halley's Comet
13:35 | Harry Hood
07:23 | Heavy Things
18:57 | Twist
04:55 | All of These Dreams
08:28 | Waves
04:53 | Sample in a Jar
09:46 | Chalk Dust Torture

07:06 | Farmhouse

The first of the 3 shows was on Monday the 24th of February and I left work early to head to NYC. We were able to take the train in and then take the bus over to the Continental Arena next to Giants Stadium. I foolishly drank a beer while waiting and had the worst 'piss pains' ever experienced as we rode the bus into Jersey.

Our seats were almost directly behind the stage, good for viewing Fishman playing, but little else really as we were just a little to the left. There was a cool guy from North Carolina to our left who was there by himself.

The first set was average IMO, DWD always has a good jam, but the following songs aren't among my favorites. I really don't like Wolfman's Brother actually....

But anyways, after a few songs, I saw a large black man slowly walking from the left portion of the stage. I knew it immediately and told the guy to my left that it was B.B. King. The crowd ROARED as he took the stage, it was really incredible. He took a seat and jammed out 3 lengthy songs with the band as the first set ended. He looked a little uncomfortable, but the songs came out well and he left to another roar before the first break.

The second set began with Halley's Comet, still the most redundant song ever, but some interesting segues made it an exciting set and we heard Waves for the first time. The Farmhouse encore was interesting and different and I can't really recall the ride back to NY at all....

The setlist:

Wednesday, February 26, 2003
Worcester Centrum Centre, Worcester, MA

For the Worcester show, I took a half day the day of and the day after the show to cover the travel and late night sleep. The drive up was uneventful, having done it several years earlier for the Fall '98 tour. I don't really like the venue due to the smaller size and lack of plumbing. There literally are only a handful of stalls, so set break piss runs become hour-long fiascos if you don't do it right.

It was extremely cold and we only arrived with a small amount of time to spare. After parking what seemed like miles away, the walk to the venue was painful and somewhat familiar. Hordes of people were waiting outside to get in and once inside, it wasn't long before the band started up.

The show was a bit of a homecoming, as the tour didn't hit the New England area until this show (iirc) and the energy level was infinitely greater than the show in NJ, even with B.B. King's appearance. The setlist was better as well IMO, and the band debuted 4 songs from each band member's side projects: Clone, Drifting, Blue Skies and Final Flight.

The YEM opener was apparently the first one since 1989 but the 2nd set really stood out. Like NJ, it featured several excellent transitions (Ghost > Low Rider Jam > Makisupa > Ya Mar and Waves > Caspian > Frankenstein > Golgi). Waves was the only duplicate and wasn't bad as it's got a cool jam in there and worked well into the segue.

No major specific memories from the show barring the cool jams and excellent fan response. Loving Cup was a much more exciting encore than Farmhouse and gave us a little more energy for the long ride home. Stacy passed out and I recall almost dozing more than once, but we got in around 3, slept till 11 and went to work for 1. Not a bad deal at all. The setlist of course:

Set I:

24:21 | You Enjoy Myself
04:26 | Clone
09:13 | Roggae
09:20 | Drifting
02:55 | Blue Skies
14:26 | Moma Dance
04:27 | Final Flight
16:34 | Maze

Set II:

20:04 | Stash
14:54 | Ghost
02:20 | Low Rider
03:52 | Makisupa Policeman
08:34 | Ya Mar
10:03 | Guyute
09:30 | Waves
07:08 | Prince Caspian
05:10 | Frankenstein
05:19 | Golgi Apparatus


11:52 | Loving Cup

# debut of Clone (from Leo Kottke/Mike Gordon Clone), Drifting (from Trey Anastasio), Blue Skies (from Pork Tornado), and Final Flight (from Vida Blue)
# Low Rider was instrumental