New 7×7 Record: 28:24.34

Yeah…that’s right. 28 friggin’ minutes. Well, I’ve been meaning to do an actual speed (?) run and tonight was the night. Now, first off, the 7×7 is a beast. It took 10 minutes just to get the centers, another 6 to get the middle 3 edges, but another 10 (!) for the final edges. I messed up a few times on that one. I’d say that wrecked my chances for a fast run, but let’s face it, it took forever. Ultimately though, I really wanted to have a figure, and 28 minutes+ it is. It was fun. I listened to some Satch, got over the fact that my son drooled on the cube and lost a green/yellow edge sticker. At least it turns a bit better than my V-Cube 6, but it was harder than normal to align the layers to turn at first. OK. Done. 7×7 record set. I’m happy.

~ by admin on March 15, 2012.

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