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Amon Amarth: 16th December, 2016 - Lisebergshallen, Gothenburg, Sweden

My first experience with Amon Amarth was back during the first album. I played Victorious March with another DJ every week. It is the mightiest of metal anthems and its splendor is no less bad-ass two decades later. My interest in the band waned for the next pair of albums but each subsequent record the Swedes impressed with consistency and durability. In fact, they've never gone more than three years without a new release.

So in choosing the first band I was to see live after moving to Sweden, who better than the standardbearers of Viking Metal itself? While Gothenburg isn't quite hometown, the tour ended with a few dates in their home country.

[Review Soon!]

  1. The Pursuit Of Vikings
  2. As Loke Falls
  3. First Kill
  4. The Way Of Vikings
  5. At Dawn's First Light
  6. Cry Of The Black Birds
  7. Deceiver Of The Gods
  8. On A Sea Of Blood
  9. Destroyer Of The Universe
  10. Death In Fire
  11. One Thousand Burning Arrows
  12. Father Of The Wolf
  13. Runes To My Memory
  14. War Of The Gods
  15. E: Raise Your Horns
  16. E: Guardians Of Asgaard
  17. E: Twilight Of The Thunder God