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Devil's Crush is the US name for the TurboGrafx-16 version of the greatest videogame pinball game ever.

In addition to this title, there were 2 other 'Crush' games. The prequel, Alien Crush, was released on the TG-16 in the US and the PC Engine over in Japan. Several years later, Jaki Crush appeared on the Super Famicom in Japan (no US release).

Along with US version of Devil's Crush, the game carries several other names. In Japan on the PC Engine it was titled Devil Crash while the Sega MegaDrive version was Devil Crash MD. In the US the Genesis saw a complete title change as it was named Dragon's Fury. See the images below for more.

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Japan PC Engine US TurboGrafx-16
Japan MegaDrive US Genesis

Alien Crush (PCE) Jaki Crush (SFC)