Slateman's Godflesh Collection

This is my collection of Godflesh and related items. Of course, I'm always looking for more, and there's a small want listed on the bottom. Enjoy!


May 17th: That would be May 1999, painfully outdated
Section incomplete, work in progress.

Godflesh Releases: Version: Notes:
Godflesh LP Swordfish, 1st pressing black vinyl, limited to 2000
Godflesh CS Silent Scream
Godflesh CD Earache, 1st pressing
Streetcleaner CS .
Streetcleaner CD .
Pulp/Chrisbait Rising 12" Radio promo 12"
Christbait Rising VHS Promo video
Crumbled Flesh CS Original bootleg, recorded Nottingham, 1989
Live: 1990 VHS Bootleg, unknown date
Loopflesh/Fleshloop 7" Godflesh/Loop split, limited to 1400, 2 copies
Live: 04/08/91 VHS Bootleg
Live: 05/17/91 VHS Bootleg
Live: 07/22/92 VHS Bootleg, recorded Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Slavestate 12" 4 track release, limited to 1000 (?)
Slavestate 12" Promo 12", 3 tracks
Slavestate Remixes 12" 3 track release, limited to 1000 (?)
Slavestate CD Re-issue
Slateman 7" Sub-Pop red 7", limited (?)
Slateman 12" .
Slateman CD .
Cold World CD .
Pure CS .
Pure CD .
Mothra CD Radio promo CD (2 tracks)
Live: 7/5/92 CS Unknown venue
Merciless 12" Promo
Merciless CS Promo
Merciless 7" Double gatefold white vinyl, 2 copies
Merciless CD .
Crush My Soul 12" Promo, 2 tracks, released prior to Selfless
Crush My Soul CD Promo, 2 tracks, released prior to Selfless
Crush My Soul 12" Official single
Crush My Soul CD Official single
Selfless CS Promo, different art
Selfless CD .
Xnoybis CD Radio promo, 4 tracks
Slateman/Cold World CD Reissue
The 10 Commandments CD Radio promo
Songs of Love and Hate CD .
Selfless/Merciless CD Double cd reissue
Live: 11/26/96 VHS Bootleg video, recorded Seattle, Washington
Live: 12/06/96 CS Bootleg, recorded New Orleans, Louisiana
Live: 12/14/96 CS Bootleg, recorded Albany, New York
Live: 12/15/96 CS Bootleg, recorded Boston, Massachussetts
Love and Hate in Dub CS Exclusive promo, never released
Love and Hate in Dub CD .
Us and Them CD Promo, in slipcase
Us and Them CD .

Related Releases (* does not feature Justin or Ben)
Band: Release: Version/Notes:
Final The First Millionth of a Second CD
2 CD
Urge/Fail 1st pressing 7", ltd to 250, 2 copies
Solaris CD
Flow/Openings 7", limited to 1000
One CD
God Appeal to Human Greed Copy
The Anatomy of Addiction CD
Possession CS
Loco Copy
Breach Birth 12"
Head of David Seed State * CD
The Saveana Mixes 12"
Dustbowl 12"
LP * 12"
Ice Bad Blood CD
Quarantine CD
Under the Skin Copy
Loop A Gilded Eternity * 12"
Arc Lite * 12"
Fade Out * 12"
The World in Your Eyes * 12"
Heaven's End * 12"
Lull Continue * CD
Journey Through Otherworlds * CD
Moments * CD
Dreamt About Dreaming * CD
Main Firmament IV * (CD)
Firmament III * CD
Hz * 2 CD set
Ligature Remixes * CD
Main Motion Pool CD, features Ben
Firmament II * CD
Hydra-Calm * CD
Scorn Logghi Barogghi * CD
Colossus * CD
Gyral * CD
Vae Solis 2x12"
Sidewinder Implant CD
Implant Copy
Solaris 01 Copy
02 Copy
Sweet Tooth Soft White Underbelly 12"
Crash Live Copy
Techno Animal Symbiotics CD
Brotherhood 12"
Radio Hades CD
The Curse of the Golden Vampire CD
Cyclops 12"
Techno Animal Vs. Reality CD
Demonoid 12" (Grand Royal Version)
Unmanned 12" (out of print)
Babylon Seeker Copy
Re-Entry Double CD
Ghosts Copy (only first 4 tracks)
Skinner's Black Laboratories Justin/Andy Hawkins split CD
Various Artists Endless 2 CD
Ambient 4: Isolationism 2xCD
Lo Fibre Companion 2xCD
Shrine CD
Spreading The Virus CD

Other related tracks

Band: Track Title: Found On:
. . .
Godflesh 40 Versions Whore: A Tribute to Wire
Absorber (unreleased track)
Empyreal 2 Rareache
For Those About to Rock Covered In Black
Hunted and Consumed (unreleased track)
Love is a Dog from Hell Pathological Comp
My Own Light Pathological Comp
Newspite Corporate Rock Wars
Pure Spite Funky Alternatives 8
Sterile Propthet (EMM) Future Shock
Zero the Hero Masters of Misery
Fall of Because Grind Shrine
Final Alien Soundtracks Indiscreet Stereo Test Record
Dream 1-3 Shrine
Exit Endless 2
Hide Ambient 4
Dying Star Solaris Re-issue
Final Vs. Solaris Voidbeat 1 Fear Drop 3
God Fucked (Rough Live Mix) Spreading the Virus
Ice The Dredger Ambient 4
Main Crater Scar (Adrenochrome) Ambient 4
Napalm Death Avalanche Master Song Live at the ICA
Pantera By Demons Be Driven (Biomechanical) Walk single
Fucking Hostile (Biomechanical) Walk/Hostile Moments
Techno Animal Black Dog Spreading the Virus
Just Crawl Shrine
Self Strangulation Ambient 4

More Miscellaneous stuff!

Things that I would like (need)

If there's anything anyone would like to trade for, or would like to sell me, (wink wink) just mail me, maybe we can work something out. I'm usually broke (or close to it) so nowadays i'm lucky if I can trade.


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