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Capcom Backgrounds

If you scour these pages you'll find a plethora of useless oddities. Less so nowadays, but I used to feel major inspiration to go nuts and capture/edit/mod whatever I could that was gaming-related. It usually ended up being based around Street Fighter or some other Capcom game.

This time, I felt inspired to go through and capture backgrounds from various Capcom games. These span the series of Street Fighter, Vampire/Darkstalkers, Marvel Vs. games, and so on. Being that I initially did these all wrong, I wanted to go back and detail how to do it correctly.

The success of the first endeavor, coupled with enthusiasm at its success gave me motivation to do more. Therefore, the first set is a collection of Capcom Backgrounds. This contains the 'How-To' portion, as well as various stages and details.

The second series is the Marvel Vs. Games Backgrounds. These span four of the five games (MVC2 is on Naomi hardware, and I don't care to tinker with Dreamcast emulation/captures). This is Marvel Super Heroes (MSH), X-Men Vs. Street Fighter (XSF), Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter (MSF) and Marvel Vs. Capcom (MVC). These contained brighter, more elaborate, cartoony stages, and MSH just had enormous sizes (1300x300+). All are very cool and come complete with my commentary on what's what, difficulties and oddities.

An added third series covers just the Street Fighter games. This has comparisons between the three versions of backgrounds (SFII: WW, SFII': HF and SSFIIX, all different colors) as well as several Street Fighter Zero 2 stages. I animated Vega's waterfall stage from the latter too.

Next up was the Street Fighter Zero stages exclusively. This covers all three games and has some really great work.

This was followed by the pint-sized fighters, Super Puzzle Fighter II X and Pocket Fighter (SPFII Turbo and Gem Fighter in the U.S.)

FINALLY (I keep adding more!) is another set of Marvel Vs. Games - Part 2. I finished up all of MVC and had a number of comparisons between XSF and MSF.

Finally? The remaining SFZ and SFZ2 stages were covered in the SFZ Backgrounds - Part 2.

Take a peek. There is some awesome stuff to be found in the backgrounds of the games we all loved.