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Street Fighter Zero Series Backgrounds - Part II

This is part seven of my backgrounds edit series. Yeah, they keep on going! I should make a quick index as I've capped a lot of stages!

I returned to SFZ2 this time and also did quick edits of SFZ stages, finishing off both games. They were relatively easy, though the designs aren't anything to write home about. While I'd already grabbed the best of the SFZ2 stages, there were some nice ones remaining. As I mentioned, I've now captured every level from both games. You can see the remaining SFZ and SFZ2 stages here and here.

Street Fighter Zero 2

There were some interesting happenings here including a foreground layer in Dan's stage, the bathroom stalls on Birdie's, and I took liberties in where I put certain people/items on the others. You'll see that I've animated Vega's Brazil stage and gave both versions of Sodom's. His stage features US and Japanese alternates. You have a 1/64 chance of seeing these on the original home ports and apparently a 1/4096 in the arcade. I don't know, I just used cheats to get them! Enjoy!







Vega (Brazil)

USA / JPN Versions (mouseover for comparison)
JPN Version

Street Fighter Zero

The remaining SFZ stages feature night/day changes shared by characters. These are pretty bland but they were easy to edit! Note that one cat disappears on Birdie's stage. Otherwise, I matched the cats up perfectly!

Japan: Ryu / Guy
Ryu's Stage (mouseover for comparison)
Guy's Stage

Italy: Rose / Birdie
Rose's Stage (mouseover for comparison)
Birdie's Stage

USA: Nash / Ken
Nash's Stage (mouseover for comparison)
Ken's Stage

USA: Vega / Sodom
Vega's Stage (mouseover for comparison)
Sodom's Stage