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Levels 2, 3, 6 and 7 have variant versions.

To play on these levels you must satisfy the requirements detailed below.

Level 2.0 - 2.4

The boss of this level has a pair of colored rods attached to it. One is red, the other blue. Hit one of these while defeating the boss.

The next time you play level 2, the stage will be different. There are 4 variants for a total of 5 versions of this stage. You start out on level 2.2.

2.0 - Desert
2.1 - Swamp
2.2 - Mostly Submerged
2.3 - Fully Submerged
2.4 - Fully Submerged and Frozen
By hitting a blue rod you will move down on this chart (warm to cold)

By hitting a red rod, you will move up on this chart (cold to warm)

Since the red rod typically starts out on the left side of the boss, most gamers will hit this first. In order to access the blue rod, put the orb behind you and head to the right of the boss as soon as you can. Or, you can just shoot your force orb over there and let it do the work, assuming you've positioned it correctly!

This is one of the coolest elements of the game. The difference between 2.0 and 2.4 is major. While the level layout itself remains the same, virtually everything else changes. The boss remains identical regardless of which variation you are playing.

2.0 2.1 2.2
2.3 2.4
Level 3.0, 3.5

Beat level 3 using Ship # 69 (Crossing the Rubicon)

You will then proceed to level 3.5 before moving on to level 4.

Instead of an alternate stage like level 2, level 3.5 is a complete new level in itself.

Level 6.0 - 6.2
You need to beat the game once before you can attempt this.

The second time you play level 5, the boss will have a pair of blue prongs attached to it. You will move on as follows.

6.0 - If you do not destroy prong
6.1 - If you destroy one prong
The third time you play level 5, the boss will have both red and blue prongs attached to it.
6.0 - If you do not destroy prong
6.1 - If you destroy the blue prong
6.2 - If you destroy the red prong
Stage Final A - C
The version of level 7 that you play on is directly related to the version of level 6 you just played.
F.A - Play level 6.0
F.B - Play level 6.1
F.C - Play level 6.2
Each version of this level has a different ending.