New Cubes Get! Dayan Zhanchi & C4U 3x3x5

It’s always so awesome to get new cubes and today’s arrival was no exception. Let’s see what I got!!!

The Dayan Zhanchi is the best cube I’ve ever laid my hands on. I really don’t know why I made the choice to get a stickerless Zhanchi but damn it’s smooth!!! It’ll need a bit of lube and definitely needs tensioning but, like my first Zhanchi, this thing is as smooth as butter. Man, I love cubing!

However, I also picked up a Cube4U 3x3x5. Now, this is a different one, with some curious algorithms but it looks pretty cool. I look forward to solving this one a few times but today was rather hectic (go figure).

All in all, this was a cool new cube purchase and both are exciting additions to Cube Collection. Rock and roll!!!

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