DDP:SDOJ – Crossing Fingers

ddp-sdoj-releaseThe praying for localization (or region-free) for DoDonPachi: SaiDaiOuJou is now in full force as May 30th has been chosen as its release date. What is likely the swan song for Cave’s arcade production will be arriving with HD visuals, arrange modes and the whole lot. I’ll never afford the limited edition never mind the super-limited edition; I’ll be thrilled just to be able to play it at all. 10 years after DaiOuJou became the best shmup of all time, its successor has some big shoes to fill. To be honest, I’ll never be the fan I once was; the time simply doesn’t exist. I’m not entirely sure how bad that is. If one cannot devote the proper time to a game like DOJ/SDOJ (unlike DFK); is it worth it? I’m hoping for a yes. Ultimately I think it’s going to be localized. And I will get it. I’m still waiting on getting ESP Galuda II and MMP/Ibara 2. But this game is the holy grail and I’ll pass on everything to get it. The wait continues!!!

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