Shooters I’m Lacking…

Now isn’t the time of my life to ‘waste’ on expensive videogames. It it were 10 years ago, I would have imported these games by now and this post wouldn’t even exist. However, it’s just not going to happen and I was thinking about how much I’d like to try these out. Of course, saving up cash for a PS4 (which will eventually happen) doesn’t help…

Muchi Muchi Pork & Pink Sweets
Cave released a budget version of this game and it can now be picked up for under $35. That’s not a bad deal for two full games. Now, I haven’t even touched MMP but people say it’s a fun title with pretty cool visuals. On the other hand, I played the first Ibara game and this ‘sequel’ looks like sheer nonsense. I guess that’s the point…and for $35, this will be part of my collection at some point. Yes, it’s the cheapest, but it’s also the lowest on the priority ladder.

ESP Galuda II
I loved ESPRa.De. and its sequel ESP Galuda was one of my favorite shooters on the PS2. While there are iOS ports of the game, I want the full title with an actual controller. The only problem lies with the fact that I can’t dedicate the time to really master these games. This game appears to be cheaper, also released as a budget title, but it seems to be out of print, so perhaps tracking down the region-free release will prove troublesome. Should’ve bought it years ago.

DoDonPachi: Saidaioujou
Ah, this is the reason this list even exists. I love me some DDP and the fourth entry into the series DoDonPachi: Dai-Ou-Jou made my favorite games ever list. While I enjoyed DFK, SDOJ is the developer’s swansong and it must be experienced! I’ve written FAQs for both DOJ and DFK and it’s my favorite shooter series. While this one is still expensive, it’s still easy to find. Despite the price, this is a priority. I will get this game…eventually.

Shooters have been among my favorites since the old arcade and Turbo-Grafx 16 days. While I may not have the time to play these as much nowadays, I’m still a huge fan and love Cave games. The rumors of Ketsui coming to the PS3 only adds to the allure. Perhaps one day I’ll be able to keep up more actively on these types of games.

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