New Cubes Get: Cheap Ones!!!

diamondtankI purchased a pair of new cubes this past week on eBay. The first is a pretty standard 2x2x3. Now, the box said it was a Z-Cubes cube, but I’m thinking it’s a Lan-Lan due to the color scheme. It’s identical to that of my Lan-Lan Void Cube. As a puzzle, it’s pretty straight forward and standard and more of a filler piece than anything else. The other cube is a DianSheng Diamond Tank (listed as Crystal Skewb online). This one (shown to the left) is actually a very cool. It’s a 3x3x3 shape mod to make a 14-sided puzzle, adding grey as the last two colors. This can have parity but is otherwise an identical solve to a standard 3x3x3. However, it’s a very neat spin on the classic and I’m pretty happy to have added it to the collection.

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