Einherjer – Av Oss, For Oss = Album Of The Year?

av-oss-for-ossOh the dilemmas of the modern world. I’m sitting here thinking Judas Priest has put out a phenomenal album, perhaps worthy of the coveted AotY title. But then, let’s not forget Exodus has never actually released a bad album (thus making them the best metal band ever, when I think of it that way.) I loved this band, then they broke up, damnit…but then they got back together and have ‘won’ my AotY in 2004 AND 2010! Wait!!! At The Gates – back from the dead, the first new album since 1995’s masterpiece Slaughter Of The Soul. I remember that album coming out and then them breaking up. The production is insanely good and the album is spectacular. Is it good enough for AotY?!?!

So, Einherjer. I loved this band from compilations and word of mouth in the mid-90s. I bought Odin Owns Ye All and…well…I pretty much hate it. Then, some good stuff and after Blot, they TOO broke up. WTF? But, they TOO came back from the dead and while I liked Norrøn, I didn’t love it. The first single from the new album…OK. The whole album is now available for streaming. Let’s check it out. OMFG! I expected 70s rock + viking death sorta. I don’t know if that’s what I got but I friggin’ LOVE it! It’s catchy, melodic, folk-inspired, groovy…I don’t know what to say. I’d read some iffy reviews of Norrøn and think it got a bad rap. Av Oss, For Oss translates to By Us, For Us. Hell, if this is what they want to put out, I’ll buy their shit for life! The more I listen, the more I think it may usurp the kings…Judas Priest, Exodus, At The Gates. It already passed The Haunted, Insomnium and Vintersorg. Damn, I love this record.

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