Diablo III: Beat Diablo

wallpaper031-1920x1080I started playing Diablo III back in 2014 but never really got motivated once Act 1 ended. I was hooked and then just lost interest. However, the local library here in Gothenburg has a decent collection of games and so with Reaper Of Souls on the PS4, I figured I’d try again. This game is great!

A friend of mine hates it, citing other, superior titles. However, I’ve no real experience outside of Torchlight and Torchlight II and I’m having fun! After battling through the first four acts and defeating Diablo, I was treated to the intro to the DLC expansion. BRUTAL! I’m totally digging this! I’ve upped the difficulty again and I fear I may have to drop it back, but for now, this is a spectacular game! With no broadband at home, I’m still waiting to get the patches that have come since. I’d love to get the art books for both the base game and for RoS. This is right up my alley.

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