Pre-Ordered: Playstation 5!

We were promised no surprises. I watched the big PS5 reveal and went to bed. I then woke up to see the PS5 sold out everywhere.

Thanks for the no surprises, Sony! Well, fortunately, I was selected as part of their pre-order program. After stopping off and trying at a local GameStop – and receiving a vague date of expectation, I secured a unit straight from Sony! In a half-drunken state, I escaped to pre-order online (hoping I entered my credit-card info properly) and that is that! Of course, sending it to my FPO address, who knows when it’ll actually arrive.

All I do know is that at some point I will get a unit. I’m just so eager to check out the UI, see how PS4 games work with it, to truly play games in native 4K. It’s not always about it being the greatest console (the Xbox is going to be a killer system too!) But being a part of a new generation, part of that dialogue, is half of the excitement. I vividly remember getting the PS4, the PS3, the PS2 and yes, the PS1 (January 1997, I was a late adopter back then!)

It’s about so much more than just the system, the bells & whistles, the games. That experience of a new console is just so exciting, no matter the generation. I look forward to it. So very excited!!!

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