OK, Sony. It’s Time To Talk.

Here’s my very personal history and the memorable launch titles:

I bought my Playstation in January of 1997. (Street Fighter Alpha 2)
I bought my Playstation 2 in October of 2000.(SSX)
I bought my Playstation 3 in or around November 2006. (Resistance)
I bought my Playstation 4 in November 2013. (Killzone)

In fact, the ONLY console I don’t own from the past 25 years is the Xbox One – and only because of finances.

So, I’m on board with the next gen. I’ve pre-ordered. I am thrilled about the upgrade and I’m happy to choose Sony again (though I genuinely hope to pick up a Series X at one point down the line!)

But as the system is set to launch in a mere 41 days, there’s more that we don’t know than we do. How will backwards compatibility work? Will it have a suspend mode like the upcoming Xbox? Will PS5 controllers work with PS4 games? How will the UI look? How will haptic feedback feel? I could go on and on.

Sony’s hubris after the best-selling console of all time, the Playstation 2, contributed to its successor having a rocky start. All the goodwill they’ve earned in this successful generation is dribbling away. It’s not whether the PS5 is better than the Series X or not. But Microsoft’s message has been far more consistent, positive and informative. Sony should be using this time to hype up new features, show things off and get people psyched!

Get on it, Sony! Ride this excitement and give us something!!!

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