2016’s Games I Didn’t Play

While deciding on a GotY for 2016 hasn’t proven easy, it seems like part of my problem is that I simply didn’t play as many games as I typically did in the past. It seems unfair, therefore, to actually choose a winner if many recipients of the much-coveted title weren’t even experienced by yours truly! Ultimately, nobody gives a shit about what I think, so this may just be a way of delaying my announcement. Without additional unnecessary ado, let’s look at some of what I missed. Mind you, I don’t expect all of these to truly be in contention; Uncharted 4 and Rise Of The Tomb Raider are in the sights for the title.

I don’t know about MMO games. They’re not usually my thing, but with such clamor over this game’s awesomeness, I would be remiss to not even consider it.

Titanfall 2
Despite my lack of interest in the first title, I’ve heard stellar things about the campaign of this game. There’s no chance a straightforward FPS could win this title, but I would like to give the story mode a go. They’re usually pretty brief, right?

The Witness
Now we’re talking. A curious puzzler that I somehow didn’t get around to? My PSN purchases have been far more infrequent than several years ago. I want to get this one to try out with the wife.

Final Fantasy XV
Without nearly as much spare time to play games as I used to have, do I really even want to start this one? That’s a tough question. But if the desire is there, I think I’d fully enjoy this title.

Gears Of War 4
Gears and Gears 3 were both phenomenal 3rd-person action titles and they may be the best co-op experience I’ve ever had in a campaign. While I missed Judgement and I don’t own an Xbox 1, I sure would love to try this one out. At least not owning the console is a good excuse not to have played it!

Everyone is claiming this game is wonderful but my time with the demo underwhelmed. I’ll get around to playing this one day. But a 3-4 hour campaign for GotY? No way.

Battlefield 1
Another game that everyone says is the bomb. Another game I’ll just have to get around to playing, even if it’s low on my priority hierarchy.

Don’t think I care enough about this one but it got good reviews. My experience with the demo showed it was a lightning-fast shooter that seems to hearken back to the roots of the series. *shrug*

The Last Guardian
I never actually beat Ico or Shadow Of The Colossus! So what would make me think I would get around to actually completing this one?

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa Of Dana
Another game I can’t be faulted for missing out on. This came out on the Vita with a PS4 version coming in a few months…but only in Japan so far. I’ll have to wait another year for this game, I fear.

So…next up is actually figuring out which games are in contention. A bit late, I realize.

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