3x3x5 Step-By-Step

The 3x3x5 is definitely an interesting cube. I want to solve it like a standard 3x3x3 but there’s definitely more to it. I’ve used stevenarducci’s guides (#2 and #3) as they are quite helpful. Using his beginner method, I figured I’d break it down so it’s easier to follow…at least until I memorize it! There are only a few new algorithms. So, let’s see. Here are the steps and algorithms.

  • Solve mid-level ‘cross’
  • Solve 3x3x3 Grid
  • Slot Corners – use opposite
    • R2 U R2 U’ R2
  • Solve Top-Mid layer Corners
    • Headlights on left – R2 U R2 U’ R2 (U’ D) R2 U’ R2 U R2
  • Top-Mid Edge Adjacent Swap
    • R2 U R2 U / R2 U2 R2 U2 / R2 U R2 U’ R2
  • Top-Mid Edge Opposite Swap
    • R2 U2 R2 U2 R2
  • Parity
    • Pieces on L & R – Uu2 R2 F2 (Uu2 U2) F2 R2 Uu2 F2
  • Solve top-mid-level ‘cross’
  • Top Slot Corners
  • Top Corners
  • Top Edges

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