2nd Best 3×3 Record – New Best Average Of 5

zhanchi-stickerlessI love my stickerless Dayan Zhanchi. The thing is just the smoothest cube I’ve ever touched and solving it is such a joy. It’s been referred to as the butter cube because of its absurdly smooth turning.

And today, I figured I’d take 5 minutes and do some quick runs. Not only did I get another best average of five (41.09) but I also performed my second-fastest solve ever! 33.67 seconds is still more than a second and a half slower than my record, but also a second and a half faster than my old record! The fact that I averaged 41 seconds over five solves is amazing (but also mostly credited to that 33-second beast of a run). In any event, it’s a new record and a new 2nd-best record and for that, I’m pretty thrilled. My times:

42.32 / 33.67 / 44.72 / 43.78 / 40.96

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