New Cubes Get! MF 8 Gigaminx & C4U 3x3x7!

mf8-gigaminxI got both of these a little bit back and I got them separately. I have to talk about the Gigaminx first as it’s a behemoth of a puzzle and it’s actually quite impressive. Those who have seen it have marveled at how insane it looks. Of course, solving it is a breeze, only differing from the Megaminx in a few minor ways. And while it takes just about forever to solve it, it’s gorgeous to look at.

Now, I did have to tinker with it a great deal to get it to the state it’s in. I took apart a few layers, lubricated the puzzle, tensioned all 12 sides and then had to sticker it. The color scheme matches the Megaminx and all-in-all it’s an awesome addition to my collection. At that price, I was hoping that would be the case. It’s fun and it towers over even my V-Cube 7×7 – quite awesome indeed!

The 3x3x7 is another fun cube, differing barely from the 3x3x5 that is missing. I wish I could find that cube because in the end, it’s more enjoyable than the 3x3x7. That’s not to say the latter is not fun but the added two layers do nothing to the enjoyment of solving the cube. It’s the opposite, actually; it just adds redundancy to an otherwise-cool cube. As for its craftsmanship, it’s very easy to pop, so you have to be careful. This is not a speed cube, that much I get, but it’s inferior to the company’s same 3x3x5 in that pieces are always getting misaligned. I was proud of solving the cube, not having to look anything up to do so – but in the end, if I had my 3x3x5, I’d use that a lot more. I love these two cubes because they’re really fun to solve.

Two more additions to my collection. My wife likely thinks I’m crazy – but it’s OK. It’s not a waste at all!

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