New Average-Of-5 Record: Sub-40!!!

zhanchi-stickerlessI’ve finally done it!!! While the past two weeks have been tinkering with my new Gigaminx, I’ve returned to the classic 3×3 (seems so small in comparison!) and after a pretty impressive first two runs (36.56 & 39.89) I figured why not go for the five? 41 and 43-second runs were not quite as impressive leaving my average just over 40. I knew I needed a great run to bring that down and after an awesome last-layer skip, I finished at 35.15! Anything in that region is still exciting but to have it finish my average-of-five run at 39.31 seconds was thrilling! So – the final run times were:

36.56 / 38.89 / 43.80 / 41.17 / 35.15 = 39.31 Average


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