Mega/Gigaminx Algorithms

megaminxI find both the Megaminx and Gigaminx to be fun puzzles to solve but I always get stuck on the last layer. The last two steps get me every time. Then, I take a little break from the puzzles and forget the algorithms again the next time! In fact, my Gigaminx has sat unsolved (last-layer corner orientation and permutation) for well over a week. The puzzle is quite impressive when solved. With the last layers unsolved…not so much. SO, let’s do it!

Last-Layer Orientation: Clockwise (Turn cube so top is L)
R’ U’ R U

Last-Layer: Counter-Clockwise
U’ R’ U R

(Tip: Prime/Regular – If Counter, U first)

Last-Layer Permutation
R’ D R…R’ D’ R

Not so bad! These are all from LanceTheBlueKnight’s Megaminx Tutorial. :D

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