New Cubes: Thoughts (Camouflage 3x3x4 & FF 3x3x5)

c4u-ff3x3x5I sold The Last Of Us (remarkable game) and got myself a pair of cubes for less than $2. I was psyched to add to the collection, like always, but this first one is more of a replacement/upgrade. After my surgery and hospital visit, I returned to work to find my Cube4U 3x3x5 gone. I haven’t located it in the seven months prior so I figured why not get a fully-functional 3x3x5 this time. The cube is identical in solving methods; it just adds a shape-shifting element to its first step. However, I find it just to be OK. The cube is great, though a little lube wouldn’t hurt, but I guess after a 3x3x5 and 3x3x7, the simple method of solving isn’t so exciting. There’s nothing wrong w/ the cube…and it’s certainly worth the money. It’s just not my favorite.

Now to a completely different puzzle. The WitEden Camouflage 3x3x4. This holds a special place in the collection because I have absolutely no clue how to solve it. It baffles me and even comprehending its existence proves elusive. I just mean that it’s an entirely different beast. Turning on the axis that it does gives it an element I’ve never seen before (unlike the familiarity of the FF 3x3x5 and I suspect once I figure out WTF is going on, it could be fun. However, for now, it’s in a solved state and may remain that way for a while. This is the first cube to completely beat me (tho the 3x4x5 had me going for a good week). I suppose that’s a good thing…but I can’t say I like it!!!

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