Hori RAP4 / Street Fighter V

My X-Arcade stick needs a new PCB and it won’t work with the PS4. I might be able to use my old method of daisy-chaining the adapter to a PS2 controller port and then use a PS2->USB and have that work. But it might not. So, thanks to a lovely birthday gift from my grandmother, enter the Hori Real Arcade Pro 4. I really wanted something more but the RAP4 fit in my budget.

I plan on modding its buttons. Sanwa OBSC buttons aren’t too pricey and maybe I’ll change the colors to make it a bit more colorful.

Now…SFV coming out is a big deal. Again, I played the first in arcades as a kid, the second was a huge release. 3 was too hardcore for a lot of people and 4 was an exciting return to form. A fifth game coming out 29 years after the first is thrilling! While I’ll never be great at this game, I never tire of its depth and diversity. Like the fourth, I plan on writing a guide or two. And as any new artwork comes out, I’ll toss that on SFGalleries. I’ve purchased the season pass as I likely won’t have enough time to dedicate to unlocking everything. It’s a huge release and I’m insanely excited. Hoping my RAP4 is up for the task! Bring it on!!!

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