DoDonPachi: Daifukkatsu Steam! All Modes!

ddp-dfk-logoSo DDP:DFK is coming to Steam. OK, that’s kinda exiting. The real news is that the base game will feature all modes! Now, as a westerner, I was relegated to getting the European version of Resurrection. Sure, it was nice being localized and the bonus disc was cool, but with no access to Black Label, I missed out on a completely different DDP experience! And I missed out on Ketsuipachi which, for completion purposes alone, was a travesty!

Whenever Degica ends up releasing this, I’ll be sure to grab it. Don’t care that it’s considered to be one of the weaker DDP games nor that it’s 8 years old already. I’m psyched for this one! My new video card will be happy too! Can’t friggin’ wait!!! Oh, here is the full game-mode list!!!

  • Normal 1.5
  • Normal 1.51
  • Novice 1.5
  • Arrange A (Version L)
  • Arrange B (Version B)
  • Black Label
  • Black Label Novice
  • Black Label Arrange (Ketsuipachi!)

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