Updated: Cube To-Buy List

With my new purchase in ‘shipping soon’ status, I’ve updated my wish list with some new stuff. I really thought I was almost done but I’m kinda interested in some of these different types of cubes. No rush on this stuff.

Master Skewb ($15)
QJ Megaminx (~$10, or $9) (or MF8 VII?) ($12.50)
LanLan Void Cube ($5)
YJ Wheel Puzzle ($8)
YJ Fisher Cube
SS 5×5
SS 6×6 ($23)
SS 8×8 ($88!)
Dayan ZhanChi

New Stuff
QJ 1x1x3 (6.50)
C4U 3x3x4 ($12)
LanLan Flower Rex Cube ($10)
Curvy Copter ($18) (or LanLan for $15)
MF8 Gigaminx (gonna be expensive…)

OK, do I *NEED* this stuff? Mainly, no. I do want a Megaminx though. The Void Cube & Master Skewb should be cool too. Then to start looking at the odd 3x3xNs. There are plenty of those to collect. Anyways, just some links for now. Future reference and all.

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