DoDonPachi Unlimited: WAT?!?!

For a company that’s been dead since DoDonPachi: Saidaioujou in 2013, they sure seem rather prolific. With DoDonPachi: Maximum, DoDonPachi: Ichimen Banchou, Don Paccin, a Steam release of DoDonPachi: Daifukkatsu and several more Mushihimesama ports since the company’s “demise”, I shouldn’t be surprised by the arrival of DoDonPachi: Unlimited, yet here I am! The good news is that it’s coming soon, like, real soon (in three days). The bad news is that Ichimen Banchou will be pulled from the IOS store. I haven’t played it since losing my work iPad upon leaving the school district in June, but it’s always sad losing the option to play something. But enough of the somber tone, this is a new motherfucking DDP game damnit!!!

Not much else is known besides the return of Shuri, Hikari and Maria (and seemingly, Saya, as a “hidden” character.) It’s going to be released worldwide, so seemingly nothing can stop me from playing the latest entry into #5 favorite gaming series ever! Oh man, I’m so psyched.

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