Nex Machina Beta: Wow

My first hour with Nex Machina was underwhelming. It’s brutal, incessant and requires a frantic finesse that even their prior titles do not. But then it clicked. A replay of the first level for a high score showed the epic beauty of its insanity. This game is not easy, but like any good shmup, which this essentially is, when things fall into place, it is as if time slows. Failing to die is rewarded tenfold and the game became a magestic song of weaving enemies, saving humans, finding hidden exits and destroying everything in sight. I fear the game will be too hardcore for the masses. But for those of us who appreciate this type of game, it’s a gorgeous-looking and finely-tuned masterpiece. I’ll be sad when the beta ends and I actually have to wait for the final release. Bring it on!!!

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