Guacamelee 2! En Route To Platinum?

There are several new games which have piqued my interest. And with several more on the horizon, I fear the impending backlog to address. So, I bit the bullet and dove right into Guacamelee 2! After platinuming the first and then beating it again on the PS4, I set my sights on the the tough-as-nails platformer sequel. However, this time the difficulty was toned down a bit. Well, that’s only partially true. While I bested the final boss on the first attempt (wat?!), the post-game challenges are OMFG brutal. If I’m not mistaken, I have one more rigorous challenge ahead and that one has kicked my ass. I can do it though. I can do it! Oh right…and then I have to beat it all again on hard mode.

But just like the first game, I think that’s a manageable endeavor. The game is generous with its checkpoints and quick with its loading. Thus, most challenges are just a determined step away. And ‘one step at a time’ is the mantra for this game. Just give me another week or so. Perhaps I’ll get there. Until then, some screenshots on this remarkable sequel which, for most intents and purposes, lived up to its predecessor.

On second thought…screw this platinum. The end-game chicken challenges are downright brutal and the one I’m stuck on doesn’t instill that, “Just one more time, I’ll get it, I know I can!” feeling. No, instead it’s an incessant barrage of, “Fuck this.” In summation, screw this platinum. I’m good.

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