In Progress: Best Opening Tracks

I’ve been meaning to write a few articles recently, but I never get around to it. I find inspiration while driving to work in the morning. Today’s article…Best Opening Tracks.

The Gathering

Testament: The Gathering – D.N.R.
From the second this track kicks in, it is perfection. Eric’s opening riff sets the thrashy mood while being modern and heavy. Lombardo’s bass drums have that click sound that became so popular around the time while retaining the deep bass sound the drum should have. The double bass parts and faster snare beats are fitting and tight. And then we get to Chuck’s voice. He very well could be the best vocalist for this style of music. He sings, he yells, he BOOMS. The rest of the album is awesome, but it’s hard to follow a song as spectacular as “D.N.R. not resuscitate meeee!!!”

Lamb Of God - Sacrament

Lamb Of God: Sacrament – Walk With Me In Hell
I liked LoG but I was never a huge fan. When Sacrament came out, I figured I’d check it out. The opening melodic part was surprising. I didn’t expect that I’d like this much. It was catchy, riffy, melodic. I found myself totally digging this song. Chris Adler’s drumming was tight and riffy in its own right. Randy’s vocals ranged from the deep, guttural growls to higher pitched screams and I loved it all. I wanted to turn it up. And even louder. Then the break came, an American-sounding breakdown that I often grow tired of. This time, however, the trade-off riff comes into play leading into Willey’s awesome bluesy solo. It just created the perfect package of everything I love about metal. We’re almost done here, double bass patterns over the opening riff, perfect vocals, it’s just phenomenal. Like with Testament, it’s hard to follow such a song, but every time I toss the record on, I turn this song up…at least twice!

“Take hold of my hand…for you are no longer alone…Walk with me in Hell!!!”

Emperor: Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk

Emperor: Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk – Alsvartr – Ye Entrancemperium
I’ve written of this record elsewhere. There, I spoke about the grandeur of this album, its place in American metal history. However, here we look at the intro and opening track. Sure, this counts as two, but putting them together makes for one hell of an introduction!!! Alsvartr is an interesting intro. It’s calm and orchestral but then changes into a haunting procession as it progresses. Ihsahn’s chant leads into a keyboard segment that is accompanied with thumping drums, all setting the tone for the segue. Ye Entrancemperium. It’s fast. Ihsahn is yelling. And THEN it kicks in! FAST! Trym is a machine, incredible speed and it transitions into a melodic section. “Emperium…Behold my coming!” However, we’re far from done. Some awkward-sounding areas, then even more speed. This album, this song…the perfect blend of the melodic and the fast. We have some clean vocals. “Can I ever comprehend? Will my longing ever end?? NEVER!!!” And then…even faster. It’s ridiculous and gloriously beautiful. Live, this song is even more outrageous. I cannot listen to it without getting so amped. “Drawn towards these lands again. Seeking death and sacred soil. I ride the longing winds of my blackened soul. Eternally.”

I had another one or two…can’t recall this morning and the baby is crying. I guess that’s why I have the “In Progress” tag.

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