New Cube Order!

A student of mine was fascinated with the Windmill Cube I purchased some time back and asked me to get one for her. I shopped around and decided to return to Lightake. As I placed her order, I decided to get a add a tiny order for myself. While it is actually three new puzzles it’s actually a cheap and minor addition to my puzzle collection. Overall it cost almost nothing but I’m still pretty psyched. Let’s see what’s a’comin’.

Super Floppy 3x3x1
I’ve always been interested in getting a Floppy Cube but it’s never been a priority. As this is a real cheap order, I decided it was time. However, I’m glad I looked into it enough to know to get a Super Floppy instead as it can shape shift. This is going to be a novelty cube but it should be fun.

LanLan 2×2 – This time I’m getting it in black. I’m fairly certain someone stole my original LanLan 2×2 and while I don’t really use it much, I can’t not have one in my collection. I’ve never gotten into speed solving a 2×2…but that doesn’t excuse a vacant spot on my puzzle shelf! I’ll be happy to have this again though it’ll likely get less love than the other two.

Fisher’s Cube – So similar to the Windmill Cube, I figured it was time to test this out. I’m not too excited about this though I can’t say precisely why. Hopefully my Windmill Cube algs will help solve this. It doesn’t look as cool as that cube, but I’m building my collection so this should be in there.

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