Game Of Thrones Finale: So Friggin’ Awesome!

God I Hate You Joffrey...

Sansa is now free from Joffrey…What does this mean? Why didn’t she escape with the Hound? I’m confused but it doesn’t look good. I hate Joffrey so damn much. This guy has to go. Even his grandfather doesn’t like him. Of course, he’s not really related to Tywin so…

Where Is This Going?

I’m not entirely sure where this is going either…but it’s probably not going to be good. Now, all the prisoners are gone. Arya and the bastard son are free. Jaime is going somewhere. Bran and his brother are escaping Winterfell. WTF is going on?!?! What’s with the chick? What’s her story? Something bad is going to happen. That much is certain.

Bad Choice Sir?

This kinda makes me happy. I don’t know why. This girl is probably no good but for now it’s the only positive in an otherwise dreary show! Who is she anyway? What about the girl to whom he is betrothed? Now he won’t have access to this bridge thing. Come to think of it, Robb hasn’t done anything this year, has he?

Gonna Wreck Shit!

Khaleesi…She got her dragons and has transformed back into that bad-ass chick we all hoped we’d see this whole year. The dragons should play a larger role in season 3 and then it’s time to wreck shit! I can’t wait. I was nervous about the supernatural element of season 2 but I think it was done spectacularly well.


Oh right. This guy. Well, umm, WTF?!?!? The king of the white walkers? OMFG…this is going to rock! He looks so awesome! Game Of Thrones – FTW!!!!!

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