Games To Come: Aug / Sept / Oct

July will be the last quiet month as after this we are looking at some big games coming out. I’m pretty psyched actually. All are sequels and all are promising. Let’s take a look!

14 August, 2012 – Darksiders II

I’m a big fan of Joe Madureira and so the first Darksiders was right up my alley. God Of War meets Zelda with the best art style in the world! Now, I rented the game and it took me a good while to get through it. I’ll admit some parts dragged a bit. It was good enough to warrant a sequel (albeit, not quite what I was hoping (4-player coop???!!)) and so that sequel will be played in less than two months! I love me some action-rpg games and with the cool setting, art style and GOW-inspired gameplay, sign me up! This should be a pretty cool game. I’ll likely GameFly this one unlike the next two, I know, I should be supporting the developers more. However, with Borderlands 2 and Resident Evil 6, sequels to two of my favorite games of this generation on the horizon, I cannot afford to purchase all three this autumn!

18th September, 2012 – Borderlands 2

All Borderlands 2 has to do is be as good as the first. That’s it. If they can manage to do that, I’m going to love this game to deth. (get the reference?) Honestly, after losing my level-40 save game, I went back, started anew, beat the game again, started a second quest, completed two DLCs and got through half of Claptrap to platinum the game. I LOVED Borderlands. It was so different, so fresh, so brutal, so fun. I already mentioned its trailer is the best trailer ever. To get ahead of myself, a BL3 will have a lot to do to trump these two games, but for now, just match the first and I’ll buy the disc and all the DLC without any question at all. That’s saying something.

2nd October, 2012 – Resident Evil 6

Now, if Borderlands is all it can be, I should still be playing that mammoth when RE6 drops a mere two weeks later. That’s OK, b/c while I may love me some Borderlands, Resident Evil is the fucking shit as well. Having played the game and its variations since the series’ inception, I absolutely loved RE4 and RE5. How much? Oh, that’s simple. I beat RE4 on the GC twice, tinkered with the PS2 version, then beat it on the Wii and then bought the HD remake on the PS3. Yeah, that much. Oh, RE5? I 60-hour platinumed that mother on the PS3, then went back and beat it on the Xbox360. Then I lost my save data and went back to play through more on the PS3. It was that good IMO. So…to say RE6 has the most to live up to is an understatement. First and foremost I plan on playing the shit out of it coop, getting all the collectibles (in-game, not limited-edition jacket nonsense). Everything points to this being a great game…but we know how expectations can be crap sometimes. I’m hoping it’s the bomb and plan on buying this day 1. Please don’t let me down Capcom

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