Phish @ SPAC….How I Miss This Stuff

The last time I saw Phish was in June of 2004 in Saratoga. The band was breaking up, my life was falling apart and it was all a very interesting time. However, those last two shows were just amazing and sadly, they represent the ending of one portion of my life.

So, as Phish returns there eight summers later, I listen to the set with utter joy, and reminisce with a bittersweet feeling to my last two Phish shows. Opening with Reba that first night, a twenty-minute Walls Of The Cave and an insane A Song I Heard The Ocean Sing and Piper to start the second set (50 minutes between those two!). I love listening to this show, including the Bowie that ended the first set.

The second night started off OK and ended with some crazy jams. The second set consisted of four songs, just the type of show I love to see!

I have such fond memories of Phish shows and long to see them again. It’s not happening right now, but I’ve grabbed the first two SPAC shows already and listened to most of the first. From what I’ve heard, Mike is still on fire and the band sounds healthy and alive. It’s not nearly the same…but it’ll have to do. I’ll eventually burn all three shows, and may grab the Jones Beach shows as well as I’ve heard some good things. Man…I miss this stuff…….

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