PS3 Updates: Still Going!

I’ll have to say that this is going more quickly than I had anticipated. Now, first off, it’s still summer vacation and I don’t have to work. Second, I got this all started on a Saturday night, so I benefited from a low-traffic summer Sunday and Monday morning. However, I did patch about half of my retail games and caught up on PSN games and DLC rather well. As I mentioned yesterday, the downloads just get bigger though as time goes on. I downloaded Infamous which was a 7Gb file. Newer games, PS+ games, etc all increase. But, my speed is fantastic! I just got the Borderlands: Zombie Island DLC (just under a gig) in half an hour, and that was with my router crapping out for a part of it. Claptrap Revolution is next, 1.36Gb and I’m starting at 9:15. Let’s see how this one goes!

@10am, the download was finished and both DLCs installed. This isn’t that bad!

@1pm, I queued up some more. Starting to get big. Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes is 1.6Gb. Street Fighter III is 620Mb. BloodRayne: Betrayal is just under a gig and the two Super Street Fighter IV updates total 1.9Gb. That’s almost 5Gb right there. My network has slowed down it seems, but while I plan on just letting this run, I expect it to take some time. Overnight and early morning seem the best times to update this stuff.

@1:38: Might & Magic done. 1.6Gb in <40 minutes? Cannot complain!!!
@1:53: SFIII done. 620Mb in 15 minutes
@1:55: Plants Vs. Zombies done. 90Mb in 2 minutes

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