Borderlands 2: Joy Puking My Face Off

I got the damn game the day it came out but waited an entire day to play the thing. Today…I played. And I liked.

It rocks. It’s everything I wanted it to be…namely, MORE BORDERLANDS. Last night, I ended up skipping over this much-anticipated title AND the Resident Evil 6 demo to play Zuma Revenge with my wife. It was fun. But it wasn’t Borderlands. While I read previews and reviews here and there, I never can really get a feel until I play the thing. I am a very visual learner. So, getting my hands deep on in that shit means I got to level up a bit, start spreading the points, badass tokens, sold weapons, etc. It felt so familiar just better, slicker, newer. I didn’t get a long session this evening, I was so tired (2am Zuma does that to you!) but I endeavor to do so soon. This game is great, and I’m not going to divulge why. It is b/c it’s Borderlands. So damn good! Joy Puking My Face Off!

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