What I Love About Baseball / What I Hate About Baseball

(Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

Jeter leaves the bases loaded in the 12th (or whatever) inning.

The A’s score FOUR in the 13th. Efffff.

The Yanks score FOUR in the bottom of the 13th. WTF?!

If the Yankees didn’t win, I would have hated baseball. They didn’t. I love baseball.

It’s unfair, most certainly. I was yelling at this new Melky as he missed the bag @ 3rd!?!? I’ll give Arod credit, that should’ve won the game.

Nuñez would’ve stranded the bases loaded too if not for that E3. Man…I hate baseball sometimes. I loathe extra innings. However, as the O’s won, we needed a win, and right now, I love baseball.

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