Resident Evil 6: Demo Impressions

I’m psyched about RE6. OK, there, I admitted the obvious. Now, the other day I talked about its expectations and what it needed to do to beat RE5. After a day with the demo, I fear it will not accomplish that.

As for what’s done right…the game looks friggin’ beautiful. Visually, it’s right where it needs to be, with great textures, plenty of detail in the background and huge scope. The new menu system is great, as it keeps you in the game while you manage inventory or options. The game keeps the power of punches and headshots and will not falter on those accounts.

However, having gone through all three demo campaigns, I felt worried. The Leon scenario was classic, with spooky hallways and zombies hidden throughout. Now, we’ve lost that really scary feeling as with a partner, you can’t retain that truly classic intensity while having a friend with you. However, I liked running through the shadowed hallways and positioning headshots on slow-moving zombies. So satisfying.

The newcomer’s scenario was just OK. I got lost a few times and, without any background, didn’t know why I should care. I’ll hold out on making any observations on this one just yet.

Finally was Chris’ campaign and I don’t know what to say. By leaving survival horror, you have to pursue that path with excellence lest you feel like a copycat…but I did not feel thrilled with much about this (Well, the boss was pretty friggin’ cool!) I am not officially nervous about this scenario. Finishing it did not leave me with the desire to play it again….precisely what you need for this to be a success IMO.

BUT, I shouldn’t be hasty. October 2nd is just around the corner. This won’t disappoint…right?

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