DoDonPachi: Maximum

After hearing about this last year, I was certainly curious but let’s face it, these mobile/tablet shooters aren’t any good, are they? Well, this is a pretty cool game with some decent replay-value, varying difficulty and some unlockables. The branching levels are really all the same but it gives you the chance to get good at the level at an easy difficulty before stepping up to the higher letters (I’ll never beat 5-E). I’m enjoying it on my iPad 2 and have considered getting DDP:DFK HD (which I have) or ESP Galuda II (which I’ve never played).

It’s kinda cool to be able to play these on-the-go. The visuals are pretty solid and the whole package was great for the $7 price tag I paid. I’ve already started tossing together some ideas for a potential FAQ. The game may be dumbed down but I’m pretty psyched DDP is getting so much exposure. With the rumors of Cave essentially folding, I’ll take whatever DDP I can get! Hoping someone can localize DDP: SDOJ.

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