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It's pretty obvious that I'm a big videogame fan. I collect games, play them, read about them, write about them, run webpages based on them and well...lots more. Here is a considerable collection of gaming images, from edits to captures, to glitches to high scores and beyond. How interesting is it all...? That's for you to decide!

Oh, and please don't steal! Give credit where it is due.

latest updates
How To Play As Tien Gouki (SSFIIX - Japanese Dreamcast)
MuchiMuchi Pork Rips
Marvel Versus Games Super Backgrounds
Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha: Z Transitions
Ratchet & Clank Logo Collection

Sprites & Animated GIFs

Misc Animated GIFs

Capcom Background Edits
Sakura Animations
Dhalsim Animations
Gem Fighter Sprites & Animated GIFs
Misc Street Fighter Sprites
Namco X Capcom Sprites (developed by Namco)
SNK Vs. Capcom (NGPC) GIFs
Street Fighter Sprite Sheets
Street Fighter Zero: Endings
Street Fighter Zero 2: Endings
Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha: Z Transitions
Marvel Versus Games Super Backgrounds
Vampire/Darkstalkers Sprites & Animated GIFs (Lilith)

Don Pachi / DoDon Pachi Animated GIFs (Sprites Here)
MuchiMuchi Pork Rips
ESP Ra.De. Sprites
Guwange Sprites
Progear no Arashi Sprites

Metal Slug Sprites
GameBoy Advance Sprite Rips
R-Type Animated GIFs

High Scores/Achievements

Skyrim: Lydia...Nooooo!!!!
Resident Evil 5 - 100%
Uncharted: Crushing + Platinum
Red Dead Redemption - Legend/Hero
Tecmo Super Bowl: 887 yards rushing - 867 yards + Perfect Defense (w/ cheats)
DoDon Pachi: 12 million points - 02
DoDon Pachi: Dai Ou Jou: High Scores + Progress
R-Type Final: 101 Ships
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out! 43-0 (205 717 7438)
Bubble Bobble: 1 life, 3 million points (w/ cheats)
MiniPutt - 24 under Par
• Tiger Woods 2003 - 27 Under Par (8 Eagles, 2 Aces, 18 Birdies)

Level Hacks

Adventures of Lolo
• Super Mario World 01 : 02 : 02 Animated
• Bubble Bobble 01 : 02 : 03

Misc. Crap

How To Play As Tien Gouki (SSFIIX - Japanese Dreamcast)
Ratchet & Clank Logo Collection
Castlevania: Hidden Areas & Secrets
PSP Custom Background Images
Gradius V - Loop 31 snapshots (not by me)
Street Fighter Headers
Strider 2 Captures
Mario Block Test
Bakuretsu Muteki Bangaio
Don Pachi Warning
SFA2 Best Art
Zelda Map


Super Street Fighter II X Revival Wallpaper
Kawaks Skin
R-Type (not by me)
Final Fantasy Sprite Edit
• Bubble Bobble Glitch - 01 - 02
• Chun-Li - 01 - 02, Oro

Pinball Table Edits
Alien Crush
Devil's Crush
Jaki Crush