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Misc Sprite Sheets

Using Kawaks, I put together a number of Sprites & Animated GIFs as well as virtually every color sprite of Chun-Li and the Shotokans (Ryu/Ken/Gouki/Dan).

In addition, I figured I'd toss these up. I really like Dhalsim's taunt and there's a ton of colors.

Note! Hope your desktop is set to a decent resolution. Each row contains a set, so these won't look as good broken up over 2 lines. You'll need to be running a high res to get all of Gouki's on one line. Sagat and Sakura won't fit though and I was forced to break them up.

Dhalsim Sprites

Sakura Sprites

This is just silly! You've got 6 regular in Zero 2, an additional 6 in Zero 2 Alpha, then extras in MSH including Dark Sakura (the last) for a total of 18 different colors. Insane!

Sagat Sprites

When I first faced Sagat in Street Fighter (the original) it was a joke. Getting past Adon was enough, but Sagat would taunt with that laugh of his. I don't know if I ever beat him. I think he's the ultimate SF boss, enormous, scarred (chest, eye patch) and pure evil. Once his Zero sprites were drawn, there was no beating him, he was all muscles. Here are 13 sprites from the Zero games.