Wii U Get!

wiiublackI’ll admit; I had low expectations for my birthday. I was sorely mistaken and my wife made it a spectacular day. Morning, noon and night, it was all a day for me, and it’s clear I’m a lucky guy. While there were many great elements of my 37th birthday, the Wii U unboxing was the most memorable. Now, I was not in the market for the system; the name is ridiculous and we know how Nintendo works. I’ll flip out over a few Mario titles, play Zelda and not finish it, and grab a few other games that look cool. But I’ve never gotten a system as a gift before. And while it wasn’t on my radar, I will certainly not complain about it!!! A friggin’ Wii U!!!

Now, in the two weeks since, I have gotten New Super Mario Bros. U and I’ve tinkered with all the cool features the console carries. An added bonus is that I can play the system from my bedroom directly under the living room. I can play HD graphics on a 6.2″ screen! In bed or while my wife watches TV. WOW!

Now, the cool factor lies heavily on the controller and upon games. And I’m skeptical about the latter. Will Nintendo be able to do anything differently from the Wii or Gamecube? Both had the same story IMO and you can’t help but fear this will end the same way. With no achievements/trophies and current-gen specs, why would I buy the same title on this system over Sony’s or Microsoft’s next outing? I’m not sure yet…and I really hope this avoids being a gimmicky system…again.

But…to reiterate…this is awesome and I cannot complain. I’m pretty psyched to finish Mario and to see what else the company has to offer. And, yes, to play Mario in bed. It’s just so cool!

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