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How Nintendo Fucked Up

Posted in Best / Worst, Blog, Games, Hardware, Resident Evil with tags , on March 5, 2017 by slateman

Just four years after launching the Wii U, the system is effectively dead and Nintendo has shipped its last title for the platform. My Wii U collection now includes the free game I got with the system, a pair of Mario games and its swansong, the new Zelda game. The system was a gift given to me several years ago and beside the plumber’s usual excellent games, (already catalogued here) the only game I wanted was Zelda. It was scheduled for 2015.

Its delay was due to new hardware, there is simply no doubt. And that hardware has arrived. But I’m not spending $300 for a system to play Zelda when the last system was supposed to do so. But that’s OK. I have the option to play on my Wii U. So let’s.

But oh! my Wii U has decided to stop outputting audio. Now that’s not Nintendo’s direct fault. I mean, I didn’t really use the system that much, but hardware fails. I get it. But hey, I have this second screen. I could turn the volume up on the controller and maybe use it for a map or inventory screen. But oh no. Despite the second screen being about the only selling point on the console in its four miserable years, Nintendo opted not to utilize it at all for Zelda. Why? The Switch, surely. Can’t have the old system doing something the new system can’t, right? Screw you, fans! Buy the new hardware! And to answer the inevitable question, yes, I can play the game on the Wii U controller because that’s precisely why I bought a 55″ TV.

So, whatever, the Wii U is dead. Let’s look at the Switch. The future of gaming, certainly! Wait…did I hear that version of Zelda runs more smoothly when in handheld mode? You buy a new piece of hardware that only outputs the latest-and-greatest in 900P and it can’t do so smoothly? In the year 2017? Yup…so the best experience of Zelda is to play it on a handheld, 6.2″ screen running in 720P? What the fuck?

Now, the console itself is reasonably-priced. For a system that only outputs in 1080P and as a portable only has maybe 3-4 hours of battery life, $300 is the max price, really But the pricing on everything else is ludicrous. $70 for a pro controller? It was difficult to swallow when the 360 and PS3 introduced wireless controllers and they cost as much as a game…but $70? And what about another set of Joycon controllers? $80??? And what is this news of the controllers losing sync? So, if I want another set of controllers, my bill just went up nearly 1/3 of the price. And if I don’t want to hold them like miniature chopsticks, it’s another $30 for the grip? $110? Prices will come down, certainly, right?

Oh and as of this writing, save games are tied to the system, so you can’t back them up or transfer them? WAT? Only 32Gb of internal memory? Voice chat has to be done via an app on your phone? The list of WTF just grows inexplicably. No virtual store yet either. Wait, you can’t get new games or old games up and running properly for your launch? I love new HW, but I am not enthusiastic about this at all. It just feels like an awful lot of money for another system that’ll just have 5 games on the shelf. Barring some wonderful third-party exclusive, a thing Nintendo hasn’t hooked me on since Resident Evil 4 over a decade ago, give me one reason (whose name isn’t Mario) to get this system. Metroid? I’ll believe it when I see it.

Just a little disgusted on how they’ve handled the demise of the Wii U, the entirety of Zelda and the hardware of the Switch. I don’t doubt it’s some sexy-ass tech. But they screwed over Wii U owners and Zelda fans alike. Guess I’ll go play Breath Of The Wild on my 854 x 480 controller. Whatever.

Did Someone Say PS4?

Posted in Blog, Games, Hardware on November 22, 2013 by slateman

PS4I’d been saving for this one for a long while and last Friday was the awesome day. The PS4’s arrival! Now, it’s still an Xmas gift, so it has to be under the tree. That means for the next month I’ll be boxing/unboxing to keep the secret going. It’s all good though. The menus are blazing fast, the hardware is sexy as shit and the games are…well, launch games…but I’m quite enjoying Resogun. Still can’t believe we’re at the fourth iteration of the Playstation brand. Now, for them to add DNLA. Excluding that’s ridiculous IMO. Digging this purchase definitely. \m/

Wii U Get!

Posted in Best / Worst, Blog, Games, Hardware on February 22, 2013 by slateman

wiiublackI’ll admit; I had low expectations for my birthday. I was sorely mistaken and my wife made it a spectacular day. Morning, noon and night, it was all a day for me, and it’s clear I’m a lucky guy. While there were many great elements of my 37th birthday, the Wii U unboxing was the most memorable. Now, I was not in the market for the system; the name is ridiculous and we know how Nintendo works. I’ll flip out over a few Mario titles, play Zelda and not finish it, and grab a few other games that look cool. But I’ve never gotten a system as a gift before. And while it wasn’t on my radar, I will certainly not complain about it!!! A friggin’ Wii U!!!

Now, in the two weeks since, I have gotten New Super Mario Bros. U and I’ve tinkered with all the cool features the console carries. An added bonus is that I can play the system from my bedroom directly under the living room. I can play HD graphics on a 6.2″ screen! In bed or while my wife watches TV. WOW!

Now, the cool factor lies heavily on the controller and upon games. And I’m skeptical about the latter. Will Nintendo be able to do anything differently from the Wii or Gamecube? Both had the same story IMO and you can’t help but fear this will end the same way. With no achievements/trophies and current-gen specs, why would I buy the same title on this system over Sony’s or Microsoft’s next outing? I’m not sure yet…and I really hope this avoids being a gimmicky system…again.

But…to reiterate…this is awesome and I cannot complain. I’m pretty psyched to finish Mario and to see what else the company has to offer. And, yes, to play Mario in bed. It’s just so cool!

I Was Wrong: PSVita For Me After All!!! \m/

Posted in Blog, Games, Hardware with tags on February 24, 2012 by slateman

Since I expected not to have a Vita, it was a surprise to me when my destiny brought me to the local Wal-Mart to purchase one. En route home, I mentioned to my middle daughter how I can recall the details of every major videogame hardware purchase. I can recall the first and second PS1, my PS2, PS3, Xbox, 360, DC, N64, Wii, GBA, GBA SP, NDS, PSP, and whatever else there might be in there. I shan’t forget this one!

I grabbed a PSN card and got Super Stardust on the PSN and later the Blob game, whatever it’s called. I bought an 8Gb card (man, 32Gb should’ve cost that much…particularly seeing as how the soccer game alone is 3Gb) and downloaded some demos.

Verdict? It’s a strange time for the handheld market. I can’t say it does much my phone or my (school’s) iPad does. However, it’s a gaming device and nowadays we look for our systems to do so much more. It’s one reason I am not excited at all about the next Xbox/Playstation. Everything is integrated so well into this current generation. While I love love love graphic improvements, I feel as if that’s the only major draw to the next gen. That and touchscreen gamepads. I have a phone already, thanks.

So, the system…sweet. It’s smooth, responsive, looks fucking sexy, and is the most powerful handheld on the market. Look at those specs! Look at that OLED screen! Now…it’s all about keeping the gaming market up. Having solid A titles with smaller, more digestible arcadey games like the phone/Apple market so adores. I must admit I felt really guilty…but I also know that I will remember the glory of this day, the unpacking, the first glimpses of what new hardware is all about. So awesome.

No PSVita For Me… :(

Posted in Blog, Games, Hardware with tags on February 22, 2012 by slateman

Having run PTH for more than a dozen years, I got used to having the latest and the greatest. Sadly, the site’s demise came when the series truly went downhill. This means the Vita will be the first new hardware I’ll miss (don’t really count the 3DS). I may head over to Wal-Mart today to see, but I don’t really need it, do it? :( So sad…


No Vita For Me