SFV: A Shadow Falls – Dolls!

We all know that Cammy broke free of Vega’s grasp and he later commissioned a dozen similar fighters from around the world. These were only truly expanded upon in SFZ3 with Juri & Juni, both of Germany. In USFIV, Decapre appeared. However, in the new story mode of SFV, all nine other dolls were represented. While the story has been critiqued by many, I embraced the single-player experience and fully enjoyed the absurdity of the tale and the gravity of the Guile/Nash battle. The appearance of all the dolls, each with unique moves, made me smile. Therefore I tossed up a section highlighting them and comparing their appearances with the small cameo many of them had in SFZ3. It’s the usual unnecessary stuff I put up on my sites. Click the images for the full gallery!

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